About Us

We are organizing to help empower people of all ages to contribute to sustainable initiatives, so that together we can contribute to making our communities stronger and work towards a sustainable future.

Our community is global and we work to make sure every voice is represented. We represent students, teachers, community members and people from all over the globe, as part of a global unaffiliated campus working towards a common goal of increasing the sustainability of our institutions, freedoms and the planet.

Wonder is unaffiliated with any state entity, university or educational institution. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

We’re maintained by Llacuna, a 501c3 non-profit organization. We support the mission of Llacuna by working to make our world more sustainable through community building. Learn more at llacuna.org

standing Up

Below is a curation of videos that should help you understand the forces in the world working to undermine the educational process for profit, rather than people. We encourage you to investigate these practices in your studies.

Willy Wonder – Official Mascot of Wonder

Half-bear, other part stray cat, Willy Wonder has captivated the hearts and minds of “wonderers” (that’s you) ever since the best band in the world (Pearl Jam) took a stand for indigenous rights at a concert in Mesa, AZ back in ’93. Since then, Willy has broken tradition with the old ways of doing things and adopted a new mindset focused on sustainability.

Willy sightings are rare, but do happen – the best tip to avoid confrontation is to stay alert and refuse to use plastic. Willy has been known to not take kindly to people using single use plastic items, which has caused a rift between Willy and elders. For this reason, Willy does not attend sporting events of any kind.

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